About Michael

There's a science to creating intelligent visual communication. It requires research, experimentation and experience. 

For over 30 years Michael Loos has been involved in what he calls image engineering which refers back to his university years in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Design.

After working in New York City for Chermayeff & Geismar as a graphic designer specialising in corporate identity, Michael moved to Florence, Italy. "The Italian aesthetic and its rich history of innovative artists, architects and inventors have inspired my work, enlarging my scopes and interests. I like to call myself an idea engineer, working in an array of activities from the development of visual brand systems, video creation, photography, image making and object design for Italian and international clients"

Michael now lives and works in Milan, a stone's throw away from Piazza Cincinnato, named after the ancient Roman leader, Quintius Cincinnatus. He says it's purely coincidental.